re: [gnopernicus on debian etch]

control-alt-f1 that gets you into a gnome terminal after you log in. You can tell if you're in a gnome terminal by hitting backspace a few times. If the speaker beeps you're in a gnome terminal. Then type gnopernicus and hit enter. If all works well in a few seconds you'll hear gnopernicus talking maybe very softly, so turn up the volume on the speakers you got attached to the sound card. After that answer all questions andhit control-alt-f7 and then control-alt-backspace. Then go into applications and preferences and turn on assistive technology support and blind accessibility permanently. For logging in, key in the root and hit tab and key in password when all is quiet and then hit enter after password. You should hear the gnome and/or X sound theme come up on the sound card speakers if you did everything correctly.

On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, Rylan Vroom wrote:

Thomas: That is what I did, however my main problem is finding out how to start the screen reader, no matter which one it is, though I am leaning towards orca to start without having to get sighted assistance to go through the gnome menus and so on. I did notice that gnopernicus doesn't start from the command line, however while googling I discovered that you can do this with orca in ubuntu which has multiple simularities with debian. Is that just a ubuntu spacific script though? Furthermore, how do you enable accessibility support in gnome without having to sircomnavigate inaccessible menus? Or should I still follow nath's advise when it comes to setting all the environment variables and other settings for gnome. Any help would be appreciated and thanks for all the help given thus far.


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