setting up wlan with orca


Over the past few days i've been using a live cd of ubuntu 6.10 with
orca which i really like, to the point that i'm just about to by my
1st linux only computer from ebay.
I have a question though:
I have a usb wireless card that it found, and i am trying to get it to
go onto my wpa54g network at home, but the network settings bit of
ubuntu doesn't seem to work that well with orca.
I can get to the bit where i can enter the ssid of my network, but
when i go to enter the wpa key, my sited friends tell me that nothing
is beeing typed in the box.
Basicly my question is:
How can i make ubuntu connect to my network at home from an installed
copy of v 6.10? It Would also need to connect automaticly to another
network that i use when i am at school which is unsicured.
I don't mind getting sited help to set this up for the first time, but
after that, i would like to just have it connect automaticly.


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