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I have a very recent Ubuntu install on my laptop. I'm not able to address your concern regarding nothing appearing in the wpa key box but there is another potential thing you might have to look out for... I have found it very difficult to configure Ubuntu networking to use encryption, and in the end I needed to resort to a command line which I put in my startup scripts. Here is the magic command in case you end up needing it:
sudo iwconfig eth1 key restricted

And here is a command for seeing what the settings in fact are:
sudo iwlist eth1 encryption

Note: you might be using something other than 'eth1' for wlan.

I'll try to monitor this thread and help out more if/as needed.  Good luck.


ben mustill-rose wrote:

Over the past few days i've been using a live cd of ubuntu 6.10 with
orca which i really like, to the point that i'm just about to by my
1st linux only computer from ebay.
I have a question though:
I have a usb wireless card that it found, and i am trying to get it to
go onto my wpa54g network at home, but the network settings bit of
ubuntu doesn't seem to work that well with orca.
I can get to the bit where i can enter the ssid of my network, but
when i go to enter the wpa key, my sited friends tell me that nothing
is beeing typed in the box.
Basicly my question is:
How can i make ubuntu connect to my network at home from an installed
copy of v 6.10? It Would also need to connect automaticly to another
network that i use when i am at school which is unsicured.
I don't mind getting sited help to set this up for the first time, but
after that, i would like to just have it connect automaticly.

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