Re: Orca on laptops.

Bill Haneman wrote:
Lukas Loehrer wrote:...
I would therefore say that CapsLock is the more suitable choice of the
two as a default orca modifier key on laptops.
I don't wish to belabor this point, but I find that terminology confusing. If we remap the CapsLock key, then we are not using the CapsLock modifier at all! The question remains, then, "what modifier do we assign to the (physical) CapsLock key?" in order to use it for orca.

Orca doesn't care what kind of key it uses for its modifier key. It can be anything.

If anybody wants to try using CapsLock to see if they are more comfortable with it, then you can adjust the orca.settings.orcaModifierKeys line in ~/.orca/

orca.settings.orcaModifierKeys = ['Caps_Lock']

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