Re: Orca on laptops.

Tomas Cerha wrote:
Bill Haneman:
I see. I expect that would be a hazardous and/or fragile thing to attempt on X, especially if, as I believe, the latching behavior is a hardware feature on some (most?) keyboards.

Hello, I'm using CapsLock as another Ctrl key.  It is configurable
through Gnome keyboard properties dialog (before it was there I used a
modified xkb layout to achieve that).  Without any deeper knowledge, I'd
assume that this is not a hardware feature, when one is able to remap
the key easily.  Just a hint... Best regards, Tomas.

Hi Tomas:

Thanks for that bit of info. If you can configure CapsLock to emit "Control" instead, then I agree it's probably not latched in hardware.

That said, modifying the xkb map is a somewhat intrusive technique - we may wish to do something that intrusive, but it does introduce complexities that could make testing and support more difficult. It would IMO be nicer if we could work with most XKB default key maps rather than having to modify them in order to achieve our desired behavior.

XKB does give some pretty powerful APIs for modifying key behaviors, via the XkbKeyAction model I think.



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