Re: Gnome and Ubuntu 6.06?

Hi, Ben.
What happens if you don't have an internet connection at the time. I am assuming from your post the Ubuntu desktop cd doesn't contain gnopernicus. If not I am basicly screwed. Anyone know if the server eddition or the alternative install version has gnopernicus? I need to get this thing installed, fire up gnopernicus, basicly without sighted aid, and once I have speech up I can add packages, setup internet connection, etc.

ben mustill-rose wrote:

I am also new to ubuntu, and installed it some time ago with sighted assistanse.

I downloaded the desktop 6.06 iso and berned it to a cd.
You will need sighted help to install this and to install gnopernicus or orca.
Once you have everything set up, click aplications, (alt f1) and click
manage programs; (i don't think its called that, but its something
like that).
If you are connected to the internet, a list of programs that you can
download will load, just find gnopernicus in there.
Note that orca is not in this list, and that i have had PROBLEMS using
gnopernicus along side ubuntu 6.06 and gnome.


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