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Thanks for your reply.

The system-wide StickyKeys is too inflexible for my needs.  I have the
following gripes:
 * A user might want the onscreen keyboard to be sticky but not the physical.

 * It does not allow me to implement the functionality in a way that
is suitable for an onscreen keyboard.  My implementations uses one
click to set sticky for one
click of a non sticky character, a further click sets sticky until a
third click or the stuck key.

 * The sticky keys dialogue is annoying.  A far better way would be
to enable it in the preferences, since you must to  enable assistive
technology support and be notified of it's act/deactivation by a
notification bubble.

 * This is not purely a a11y project.  It has other uses, tablet PCs
etc.  Therefore I wanted a soft dependency on assistive technologies.

 * GOK's implementation is very unreliable on my system, and not
something I particularly want to emulate.

I know I should fix these gripes instead of treading my own path.
However, this is a Summer of Code project and so I need to produce the
expected results before a deadline.

In other words I cannot spend the summer making gnome-a11y suitable
for my needs.  What I need is a temporary work around until after the
SoC when I could find time to work on this aspect of gnome-a11y and
fix my program so it is not an "accessibility violation".

On 26/06/06, Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman sun com> wrote:
Hi Chris:

The answer is, "don't implement sticky keys in your keyboard".  You
should be using the system-wide StickyKeys settings and feature instead
(as GOK does).

Interfering with the normal operation of the system wide setting (i.e
clashing with it as your app does), is itself an accessibility

(There are several gconf keys you can use to turn sticky keys on and off
- see those under /desktop/gnome/accessibility/keyboard)


> I've implemented sticky keys in my onscreen keyboard.  When shift is
> stuck down it causes the slow keys dialogue to appear.  Is there a way
> to suppress this dialog whilst my app is running?
> thanks
> --
> Chris Jones

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