Re: accessebility suggestion for Ubuntu 6.06 LiveCD

Bill Haneman wrote:
The "new onscreen keyboard" does not meet the needs of many
mobility-impaired users.   GOK should be bundled with the LiveCD - once
some configuration issues are dealt with.
Do you have any specific use cases that GOK supports but SOK does not? The only one I can think of is users of scanning devices who need to perform actions on the desktop that cannot be achieved with standard keyboard shortcuts (but in my view that's a bug in those applications).

SOK currently works well with head pointing devices and we are adding scanning device support. We currently do not have direct AT-SPI functionality but we are making a script feature that will let us control desktop functions via dog-tail.

You can grab a copy for testing here:

I am not sure this is the best technical way to solve the problem.  IMO
for anything other than shared use kiosks, it makes more sense to put
the "access keys" in the login screen such that the AT-SPI support is
automatically loaded in the user's session.

Yes that would also be good. Is there a standard set of such GDM access keys? This really is something that should be enabled by default, both in Gnome and in Ubuntu.

Henrik - Carlos Diogenes is working on adding Composite to gnome-mag,
which would make it work as a drop-in enhancement.  You probably should
ping him about this, it makes little sense to duplicate work.

Great, I will contact him. We just want to see this implemented, and don't care too much where or by whom. gnome-mag is probably the best place for it.

- Henrik

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