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Cody wrote:
Hello all,


I was wondering, after a bit of googling, I found this distro called Ocularis, and it had claimed to be completely accessible to the blind and only for the blind, and yes, it had a desktop, of which I'm guessing gnome.

Hmmmm.... I have never heard of this distribution so it must have been a short term project. Certainly it doesn't sound like it was well known.

I wanted to try it to see how it was, but couldn't find it anywhere. They had said Source Forge had it for download, but I checked, and it said that there were no files for that project, yet it was listed anyways.

Well, if the project is now dead that is probably a good reason the download mirrors are drying up.

They had said the project was discontinued Dec of 05, so it's still fairly new, but yet, no isos.
Well, if the last version was last December than it's accessibility isn't going to be the same as you could get with Fedora Core 5 or Ubuntu. Both Fedora and Ubuntu have gnome 2.14 as well as Orca 0.2x packages which are up to date and seam to work well accessibility wize out of the box. Even if it was using Gnome it is likely running Gnome 2.10 or Gnome 2.12 tops. Better to go to a stable more known distribution.


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