Re: Festival vs. F-lite disk space requirements

On Fri, 2006-02-24 at 13:09, Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
> Bill Haneman wrote:
> > Henrik:
> >
> > I think Flite uses the same file format. ( Will, please correct me if
> > I'm wrong).  
> By same format you mean the same speech files? So what is the main 
> benefit of F-lite, a smaller memory footprint? (and java cross-platformness)
> > It also requires a Java JRE, are you planning to include
> > Java in the live CD?

Arrgh, sorry, I was thinking of FreeTTS, which was a sort of direct
descendant of Flite.  The flite docs imply that you can use voices built
with FestVox, but I guess you have to "compile" them into Flite somehow:

> >   
> Uh, no. I though it compiled with gcj like OpenOffice.

The accessible OpenOffice setup required a Sun JDK (I believe it doesn't
anymore though, with latest bits).

I think Flite has some performance optimizations, speed-wise, and a
smaller footprint.  The latest released version, 1.3, seems to be about
a year old.  Sorry for the confusion.


> Looks like we were even farther afield with this than I first expected ...
> Thanks Bill.
> - Henrik
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