Re: Orca, OO writer and terminal


java-access-bridge is not required by recent OpenOffice versions. I believe the dependency was phased out nearly a year ago.

You will need to update your gnome-session if you have updated at-spi from CVS HEAD or the unstable 2.17 Gnome series, however.



Jan Buchal wrote:
"WvdW" == Willem van der Walt <wvdwalt csir co za> writes:

    WvdW> Hi, I do not seem to get any joy from running any open-office
    WvdW> applications. I have checked, again, the GTK_MODULES variable
    WvdW> is set correctly after doing a text-based login. I might be
    WvdW> sitting with an old java access bridge though. Is java access
    WvdW> bridge still required? If so, which version and from where
    WvdW> should i download it? TIA, Willem

No, is not required but some openoffice gtk package or something similar
on debian. I'm not sure. I installed, installed and installed and at a
time it worked. :-)


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