Re: Gedit focus issue (was, Re: Serious accessibility issue in Gnome 2.15.)

Hi All:

Just to follow up...

I'm not sure of the exact cause of the differences here (e.g., metacity,
gedit?), but we put a workaround in Orca to handle the differences
between GNOME 2.14 and GNOME 2.15/16.  Thanks for reporting this

If someone has some time on their hands they might try seeing if there
are different event orderings between GNOME 2.14 and GNOME 2.15/16 for
this gedit maximize/unmaximize scenario.  The events of interest
probably include:  "focus:" "window:activate" "window:deactivate" and


On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 12:46 -0400, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
> Hi all.  I just gave this a try.  I can confirm Al's findings.  And it
> seems to occur any time you resize the window (e.g. if it's maximized
> and you unmaximize it, the problem also occurs).
> In answer to Will's questions/suggestions:
> > This sounds like a separate problem.  Do you have someone that can
> > eyeball gedit for you to make sure keyboard focus is really back in the
> > gedit text area after you've maximized the window?  That is, is the
> > cursor really moving when you press the arrow keys?
> Focus is really back in the gedit text area.  I arrow around but Orca
> says nothing.
> > In addition, once you've maximized the window, can you try pressing F10
> > and then Escape (e.g., bring up an app menu and then dismiss it)?  This
> > might force a focus event on the gedit window and get the cursor routing
> > working again.
> This does get it working again!
> > Finally, did you verify that you don't see the problem on GNOME 2.14
> > using the same exact Orca bits? 
> Yep! On my Dapper machine this does not occur.  And to be sure I had the
> same exact Orca bits, I just built from CVS on each machine.
> Hope this helps! Take care.
> Joanie

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