Re: Serious accessibility issue in Gnome 2.15.

Al Puzzuoli wrote:
Hi all,
I'm running Edgy with Gnome 2.15, and am experiencing major weirdness in terms of accessibility when attempting to use it with Orca.

Some of the issues I've noticed are as follows:

1. Focus in gaim seems to be messed up. I was able to create one account, a freenode irc account. But now, after doing that, I can never seem to bring focus back to the main buddy list window, as for whatever reason, it doesn't seem to appear in the alt tab order. 2. Very strange things are happening in gnome terminal. Orca tracks live events well enough, but if I attempt to use flat review, it's all over the place. The read current line command seems to start at the top of the window, rather than at the last location of the cursor. Another oddity is that not all of the window is accessible via flat review. in other words, if my screen fills up with data, flat review stops before actually reaching the last line on the screen. 3. Open office writer is completely inaccessible. Orca won't even read the menu bar or the help dialog. If I attempt flat review, all I get is "panel".
Can anyone else confirm some or all of these issues?

I've done some basic testing (note: I'm not very familiar with screen reading, and how it should ideally work, though). Some general observations:

Gaim (v2, beta3) seems to have some odd focus issues generally. I had to hover the mouse over the window to get it to accept text for a while, but then it got better (?)

I can confirm that OOo doesn't speak at all other than giving me the window frame name. I've tested both 2.0.2 and the very recent 2.0.3, with the same result.

The OOo package you tested (I guess) was just the dapper package carried over, which works OK on dapper. So that points to Gnome 2.15, as you say.

Have anyone tested Gnome 2.15 for AT support on another distro?

- Henrik

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