Re: Gedit focus issue (was, Re: Serious accessibility issue in Gnome 2.15.)

Hi all.  I just gave this a try.  I can confirm Al's findings.  And it
seems to occur any time you resize the window (e.g. if it's maximized
and you unmaximize it, the problem also occurs).

In answer to Will's questions/suggestions:

> This sounds like a separate problem.  Do you have someone that can
> eyeball gedit for you to make sure keyboard focus is really back in the
> gedit text area after you've maximized the window?  That is, is the
> cursor really moving when you press the arrow keys?

Focus is really back in the gedit text area.  I arrow around but Orca
says nothing.

> In addition, once you've maximized the window, can you try pressing F10
> and then Escape (e.g., bring up an app menu and then dismiss it)?  This
> might force a focus event on the gedit window and get the cursor routing
> working again.

This does get it working again!

> Finally, did you verify that you don't see the problem on GNOME 2.14
> using the same exact Orca bits? 

Yep! On my Dapper machine this does not occur.  And to be sure I had the
same exact Orca bits, I just built from CVS on each machine.

Hope this helps! Take care.

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