Re: can't get multimedia working with any browser

Hi Thomas,

I would be happy to try the cvs release. However, is the
version in cvs still compatible with Gnome 2.8?
Alot of us out here are running Fedora 3 or Mandriva latest, and 2.10 is
still on the way.
I would hate to have to do a major upgrade/compile of gnome since i find 2.8
reasonable with accessibility, but the gnopernicus constant speech issues
makes me want to resolve that problem asap.

Sun Solaris 10 is based on GNOME 2.6 with accessibility bits (at-spi, Gnopernicus, etc.) from more or less CVS head at that moment in time. Our forthcoming GNU/Linux release is the same - GNOME 2.6.x + current accessibility bits. Gnopernicus 0.11.1 just went into our latest internal Linux build, which otherwise is still using GNOME 2.6.x.

No promises of course, but this does suggest GNOME 2.8 should be an OK base for the lastest Gnopernicus.

Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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Hi Thomas, Jude,

We've found a number of problems with speech on our systems (FreeTTS), and
with the general speech subsystem going away for various reasons (not all
tracked down).  To best address this, the very latest versions of


in CVS (as of the last ~3 weeks and most recently a fix late last week)


aggressively restart speech if it ever dies.

Perhaps this is at least some of the problems you are encountering?  If


you might try the latest code...


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

Thomas Ward wrote:

Hi Jude,
I can tell you that your problem is not unique, and it doesn't seam to


memory related. I have ran Fedora and Mandriva with systems of 512 MB or
greater and Gnopernicus 0.9.12 and greater seam to high dive for no


at all.
An example I was opening evolution like I did several times that day,


suddenly gnopernicus bit the dust. No speech, no responce, and wouldn't


exit properly. I crashed out of x, logged back in, and gnopernicus says


can't load festival.
I ended up rebooting the machine. Which I do about four times a day on
average do to gnopernicus high diving and not coming back for one reason


To bad I can't use mozilla, Open Office, and other gui apps at the shell


I would happily stay there with speakup or something than put up


crashing about 5 times aday.
Anyway, I wouldn't recommend using Firefox as it simply doesn't work


gnopernicus. I am currently adding multimedia for Mandriva, and I am


to plug it in to Sun Mozilla. I'll be sure to let you know if I get
something reasonable working in x.

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Subject: can't get multimedia working with any browser

Having downloaded and installed mailcap-stuff.tar.gz I first tried
listening to a realplayer stream using lynx.  No go, display wasn't set.
Okay no problem I figure I can go into xwindows and use gnopernicus and
maybe firefox or epiphany.  Maybe one of those browsers will work but
hitting the f7 key to try to get some screen output seems on this system
to actually be the crash gnopernicus immediately key.  I could


the desire of gnopernicus to do a high dive if all that was on this


was 128MB of ram which was the case earlier this week.  However there's
now 416MB of ram available in lower memory and this is happening.  This


a fedora core 3 installation that has been modified for multimedia via


extra yum repositories.  The network was opened with ifup ppp0 before
startx ever ran.  So what prerequisite configuration of gnome did I most
likely neglect?

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