Re: gnome-speech stability with the DECtalk driver.

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 10:27:54AM +0200, remus draica wrote:
> Does Braille Monitor still work after the crash? Because no such problem was reported for another driver and gnopernicus doesn't care what TTS is used, it seems to be a gnome-speech problem? 
> Does gnopernicus work well with another TTS (festival, freetts)? 
> Try to run all tests from gnome-speech/test/test-speech program and check if all work fine for DECtalk.
Hi.  I can't answer your question about Braille Monitor since I'm
totally blind and use speech to get access to my computer.
All the tests using test-speech seem to work for DECtalk.  I'm not sure
what was supposed to happen with the "Wait test", but it didn't crash
speaking the sentences.
No matter if I choose male or female, I get all DECtalk voices.
For now, my only other synth is festival.  The festival driver doesn't
seem to have the same problems.

Is it possible to make Gnopernicus use a specific gnome-speech driver
with a command line option?  Since I have Gnopernicus configured to use
the DECtalk driver by default, I'd like a way to try restarting it with
the festival driver from a command line.

Hope this helps.

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