Re: Gnopernicus and BRLTTY

[quoted lines by Jan and Bertil Smark Nilsson on 2005/08/24 at 12:05 +1000]

>When I run startx the Gnopernicus menu comes up with startup mode, 
>preferences etc. However, I'm not able to do a lot. When I go back to the 
>terminal where I started, I get a couple of interesting messages. The last 
>one I get, which is repeated a couple of times, is
>BRLTTY command code not bound to Gnopernicus key code: 0X0000

I believe I know what's causing your problems but can't fix them until tomorrow
so please bear with me. It'll take a couple of further updates to ttybrl.c. 
I'll let you know when they're done.

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