Re: FC4, inaccessibility of core system utilities?

Hi, Al:

Al Puzzuoli writes:
> How can we claim an accessible desktop when simple tasks such as managing
> users and configuring network resources can't be accomplished accessibly

Can't be accomplished accessibly? Don't you mean that you can't
accomplish them with certain tools? That's not the same as "can't
accomplish accessibly."

Of course package management, device configuration, user management, and
all those sysadmin tasks are important. Indeed, they define a great and
necessary portion of accessibility in any OS. However, it is not true,
as you assert, that these tasks are inaccessible.

In case you haven't noticed this yet, the f/oss environment tends to
offer many tools for accomplishing the same tasks. If any particular
tool happens to be inaccessible, therefore, it does not follow that
accomplishing the task itself is inaccessible. That's fallacious and I
must challenge you on such assertions.

But, if you must have the graphical tools for these tasks, well the
source is out there readily available to you and everyone else. Making
them accessible is certainly a far lessor challenge than writing an
accessible browser. So, have at it.

PS: Who said we had an accessible desktop anyway? I don't believe that
would be accurate. I believe it's a goal toward which we're making
progress, not a fete accomplis.

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