Re: FC4, inaccessibility of core system utilities?

Hello Janina,

It appears that we are coming at this from opposite sides of the spectrum.
Granted, there are command line applications that do the same things as the
ones mentioned in my previous post, and accessibility at the command line is
such that those who prefer the command line rarely if ever have to venture
into the gui.  However, the converse is by no means true as of yet, and
hence my concern.
How can we claim an accessible desktop when simple tasks such as managing
users and configuring network resources can't be accomplished accessibly
under that desktop?  If the core applications of the desktop don't adhere to
accessibility standards, what kind of message does that send to perspective
users and developers alike?  I agree that there are many "sexier battles out
there than insuring user manager is made accessible, but we need to walk
before we can run.  Insuring the accessibility of as many core applications
as possible is a very good and in my mind, necessary first step.


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Perhaps so, Al. However, I would question the value of starting with
apps such as you name, because the functionality these apps provide is
fully accessible at the console. So, that reduces us to every
application for a particular purpose needs to be accessible, which I
don't believe is particularly defensible. In other words, we need to be
able to perform the tasks, not use some particular app.

To be spe;cific, let me take the three you've named:

package manager
Your console options include rpm, yum, and the old Redhat up2date. Both
rpm and yum are fully accessible, imho.

user manager
You've got all the traditional tools, useradd, passwd, to say nothing of
the ability to edit the relevant files directly (/etc/passwd,
/etc/group, etc.). So, what's the problem?

internet configuration wizard
Here again, you have a plethera of tools that far exceed(I think) what
the wizzard would do. In addition to tools like ifconfig and iptables,
you've get a very accessible (imho) config tool via menu by typing


at any console prompt.

If we need to pick a battle, I couldn't support picking this one.

Al Puzzuoli writes:
Hello ,
while working with Gnome on FC4, I am noticing that a lot of system
utilities still don't appear to have been ported to GTK2 and are
inaccessible.  Some of The ones I have encountered, just to name a few
include: package manager, , user manager, internet configuration
The list goes on.

My questions are:
1.  Are most of the effected applications specific to the fedora
distribution or just part of Gnome in general?
2.  In either case as a concerned user, how can I help?    I know that
posting here is sort of like preaching to the quire, so are there other
lists on which it would help to increase awareness by posting these

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,


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