Re: control pannels (yast and gnome control center)

Hi Opie,

  When running gnopernicus, I have tried to enter yast and also gnome
control center, but gnopernicus says no menu bars, and no other hints I'm in
the control centers, both of them. is there a work around for this? I
usually would type in some commands into Konsole and its done, but I'd like
to do it easier threw the control centers.

As Bill Haneman wrote recently in response to a simliar question: Gnopernicus can only read that information which is provided by the accessibility interfaces (specifically AT-SPI) of the programs it is interacting with. In other words - the applications need to support accessibility.

Qt applications like yast do not (yet) do this. That is changing with KDE 4 coming soon, but we aren't there yet. Meanwhile some of the older GNOME applications like the control center are based on an older version of the GNOME GTK+ libraries that are likewise not implementing the accessibility interfaces.

We expect that over time most of the interesting applications will implement the accessibility interfaces (and quite a few do so already), but we aren't all the way there yet.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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