Re: control pannels (yast and gnome control center)

On 11 Aug 2005, at 23:02, Peter Korn wrote:

Qt applications like yast do not (yet) do this. That is changing with KDE 4 coming soon, but we aren't there yet. Meanwhile some of the older GNOME applications like the control center are based on an older version of the GNOME GTK+ libraries that are likewise not implementing the accessibility interfaces.

Note that it's possible to run Yast inside gnome-terminal, which might help, although I don't know how well gnopernicus deals with libcurses applications. (I've never quite worked out exactly how to force it to run in a terminal rather than launching the Qt version, though... it's spontaneously happened to me once or twice for no apparent reason, but I presume there's a way to force it...)


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