Re: Lots of accessibility questions

On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 10:27:18PM EST, Willie Walker wrote:
> >Also, I receive the following error when I try running orca-setup:
> >
> >nolan thewordnerd:~$ orca-setup
> >Creating .orca directory.
> >Traceback (most recent call last):
> >  File "/usr/local/bin/orca-setup", line 64, in ?
> >    import orca.speech as speech
> >  File "/usr/local/stow/orca/lib/python2.4/site-packages/orca/ 
> >", line 29, in ?
> >    from core import ORBit, bonobo
> >ImportError: Can not load accessibility support
> This is indeed troublesome, and could be any number of things.
> If you can, try running "python" on the command line and
> giving it the following input one line at a time:
> import ORBit
> import bonobo
> ORBit.load_typelib("Accessibility")
> OEBit.CORBA.ORB_init()
> import Accessibility
> import Accessibility__POA

For me, it failed on the line: ORBit.load_typelib("Accessibility")

I am also running Ubuntu, and have also seen this behavior on Debian 
unstable, a while back.

I intend to check whether I have everything installed for Orca, as orca 
itself is not on this machine at the moment, but I hope this helps.


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