Re: Lots of accessibility questions

Recently I've been looking at Orca. How far along is it? I can think
of lots of little tweaks that I'd like to make to an application's
accessibility, but can't imagine them going into Gnopernicus. Is it
advanced enough such that one can begin using it heavily and
writing/contributing application scripts?

Orca is coming along.  We've made significant changes to
the architecture and have done a fair amount of work on the
implementation.  I'm really excited to have Mike Pedersen on
board as he is helping to bring a lot of good usability sense
to the project.

Orca is currently to the point where it's ready for those with
a sense of adventure to take a look at it and start experimenting.'s by no means anything of any real use at the moment.
I hope to have it in a more useful form around the end of the
summer.  If you're up for an adventure, keep grabbing the latest
stuff from CVS.  Since we're still actively hammering it out, our
support for the moment will be somewhat sparse, but we'll try to
help you nonetheless if you understand we may not always get back
to you immediately during these early stages.

Also, I receive the following error when I try running orca-setup:

nolan thewordnerd:~$ orca-setup
Creating .orca directory.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/orca-setup", line 64, in ?
    import orca.speech as speech
File "/usr/local/stow/orca/lib/python2.4/site-packages/orca/", line 29, in ?
    from core import ORBit, bonobo
ImportError: Can not load accessibility support

This is indeed troublesome, and could be any number of things.
If you can, try running "python" on the command line and
giving it the following input one line at a time:

import ORBit
import bonobo
import Accessibility
import Accessibility__POA

Let me know what the failure is and where the it occurs.
I'll try to see if we can figure out why it's happening.


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