Lots of accessibility questions

I've recently switched from Debian to Ubuntu and, aside from my
frustrations with speech not working, things have been so much
smoother. Today I even managed to use the GNOME accessibility
components at work; we use Eclipse, and I wasn't expecting much when I
fired up the GTK2 version, but I'm actually *not* looking forward to
getting a copy of JAWS and having to switch back to windows. :) I have
lots of questions now that I'm using this more heavily, and rather
than sending out lots of smaller messages, I thought I'd lump them
into one.

Recently I've been looking at Orca. How far along is it? I can think
of lots of little tweaks that I'd like to make to an application's
accessibility, but can't imagine them going into Gnopernicus. Is it
advanced enough such that one can begin using it heavily and
writing/contributing application scripts?

Also, I receive the following error when I try running orca-setup:

nolan thewordnerd:~$ orca-setup
Creating .orca directory.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/orca-setup", line 64, in ?
    import orca.speech as speech
  File "/usr/local/stow/orca/lib/python2.4/site-packages/orca/speech.py", line 29, in ?
    from core import ORBit, bonobo
ImportError: Can not load accessibility support

As far as I'm aware, I've installed all of the various Python GNOME
Ubuntu packages. Am I missing something?

I'm curious about the various Mozilla accessibility tarballs. I'm
assuming that the various accessibility tweaks are being murged into
Mozilla's mainline? I know that the last accessibility release was
several months back; have all of the changes of that release been
murged into any newer versions, or would I still be better off with
the older release?

I'm interested in playing with Vino. IIRC, a few years ago, remote
desktop access wasn't supported, though it was possible. Is this now

I'm a bit curious about assistive technology startup. I've been
adding gnopernicus as a startup session item, but I've noticed the
screen reader checkbox under the accessibility preferences. Is this
intended to replace adding Gnopernicus as a startup program? I've
tried this, and it seems to work, albeit less reliably (I.e. sometimes
it starts, sometimes it doesn't.) I'll do more debugging if necessary,
but would simply like to ensure that I'm understanding correctly
before continuing.

Also, when is it necessary to set GTK_MODULES? I was using a number of
apps nicely, then tried running GAIM only to lose
accessibility. Eventually I remembered that I'd forgotten to copy my
.xsession which I'd set up ages ago and forgotten about it, at which
point things worked. I'm just not sure why.

How do I configure Gnopernicus to run at the GDM screen? Does
configuring Gnopernicus to work for logins imply that any other user
on the system will also be running it? (I'm hoping not, as I may want
to set up a Gnopernicus-free guest account.)

Think that's enough for now. :) Thanks.

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