Problem with gnome-speech in FC4?

Hi everyone,

I have recently done clean installs of FC4 on two separate systems and on both I am experiencing issues with Gnome-speech and Festival. Details are as follows:

I know that Festival itself works because I can activate it using brltty and when I do so, I hear speech. I believe sound support is set up properly in gnome as well because I hear the test sound during firstboot.

I have run tests using the version of Gnome-speech that installs with FC4 as well as whichever version is in CVS as of august 2.

With the install version, test-speech can activate the Festival driver and seemingly runs all the tests; However it does so in complete silence. If I run Gnopernicus, I get the same result-- Gnopernicus runs and shows that speech is enabled but again in reality, there is no speech. I have also checked out gnome-speech from CVS and built it using "./ --prefix=/usr" However after installing this version, things seem to get worse. Test-speech completely freezes when it attempts to activate the Festival driver and I am forced to break out with control+c.

If anyone has thoughts on how to troubleshoot this further, they would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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