Re: Accessibility frustrations

Hi Fernando:

You mention below that the gnome-speech festival backend should be "more robust against these errors". I think this is a good idea but I don't think we can silently recover from this problem - however the gnome-speech backend should have some way of communicating information in its error message to the gnome-speech client, for diagnostic purposes.

Also, the gnome-speech festival driver itself could print detailed information to stdout on detection of a problem connecting to the festival server, if it doesn't already. Any patches to make these sorts of issues more robust, or to provide more detailed diagnostic information, would be very welcome.



Fernando Herrera wrote:

Yes, I had the same problem than you. Festival 1.95 only allows
connections from "localhost" as defined by its default configuration
file, but the code checking this only gets the first entry for a
hostname, so if you have something before localhost on your /etc/hosts
file, it fails. I think this is a bug on festival, but gnome-speech
festival backend should be more robust against this errors.


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