Re: using a braille display with Gnopernicus


Mr. Mielke was right.  I didn't realize that the buttons will only work
in certain contexts and then only if you choose the correct option in
the :Position Sensors dialog.  When I selected option 5 "Move caret",
the sensors started working in programs like gedit.  I would have liked
if I could have used some of the other options in that dialog, but at
least I got them working.

I did read the help system, and nothing was said about any of these
choices or when they might work.


On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 04:34:30PM -0500, Dave Mielke wrote:
> [quoted lines by Peter Korn on 2005/04/01 at 10:03 -0800]
> >>>>>I notice the routing buttons above the braille cells don't work.  Is
> >>>>>there any way to use these buttons?
> >>>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>I don't know if brltty convert those key in something understood by
> >>>>gnopernicus.
> >>>
> >>>The brltty driver seems to map them to HMS01, HMS02, ... I don't know
> >>>what these do.
> >>>
> >>
> >>
> >>They are then seen as position sensors. To change the function mapped
> >>for them, go to
> >>2 Preferences/2 Braille/5 Braille Mapping/Position Sensors page-tab.
> >
> >This seems like a bug.  Only cursor routing keys should come into 
> >Gnopernicus this way.  Perhaps this is a bug in the BrlTTY Gnopernicus 
> >driver?
> The original observation (see the first line quoted aove) was "I notice the
> routing buttons above the braille cells don't work.". The BRLTTY Gnopernicus
> driver indeed maps cursor routing keys to HMSnn, which, I believe, is correct. 
> The actual problem may be user misunderstanding. I beleive those keys only work
> for widgets where the cursor can be moved, e.g. a text entry dialog, but it may
> be that the user is assuming that they should work in all contexts.
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