Has anyone using Debian had any problems with Sun Mozilla?

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Hi  gnome-accessibility-list,

  Well subject line says itself, pretty much, but i'd like to ask if
  anyone who run Debian Unstable has had problems with Suns accessible
  Mozilla crashing on them as soon as they try opening for example the
  dialog which lets you write a location which you want to be taken
  to. I have talked about this problem on another thread on this list,
  and now i've built the Mozilla application from source and i still
  have these problems. Someone said something about a dialog popping
  up just as Moz crashes, saying something about "context", but i
  haven't seen such a dialog. What happens in brief is that as soon as
  i try ctrl+shift+l either Mozilla puts me on the desktop without
  further notice or it beeps and Gnopernicus 0.9.17 crashes and i have
  to start Srcore again.

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