Re: Mozilla nightmares, or have i missed something obvious?

Hi, Krister.
If I remember correctly something was said on list that version was built
for a Fedora Core 3 system. It is possible it  is looking for Gnome
libraries that are newer than those you have since Fedora Core 3 has Gnome
Since I have not yet upgraded from Fedora Core 2 to Fedora Core 3 I compiled
from scratch, and have had no crashes. Shift+control+l opens the site
location dialog, and when I enter the address  for the site it works

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Subject: Mozilla nightmares, or have i missed something obvious?

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> Hi  gnome-accessibility-list,
>   I'm trying to use the Sun Mozilla 1.7 accessible browser package but
>   am having some problems that i don't know how to solve.
>   When i start the program all goes well and i am on the Sun home
>   page, however as soon as i try opening the dialog to go to another
>   location or do anything else for that matter, Mozilla just crashes.
>   I don't see any error messages or anything, Mozilla just gives up
>   and throws me out on the desktop. I haven't compiled the build
>   myself, i got a pre-compiled version in a tar ball. I'm running this
>   on Debian Unstable with Gnome 2.8. Has anyone else experienced
>   something like this?
>   Thanks for any help.
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