Re: Mozilla successes.

Hi, Peter.
I think if it would improve accessibility by all means it should probably
try and override  a statement like that which was a massive accessibility
In the world down the road I would hope that such accessibility issues such
as that would be uncommon across the net, but the reality is most web
masters  walk out of some ITT Tech school knowing little to nothing about
accessibility, and often make some accessibility problems on the web sites
they are in charge of maintaining.
In this case Mozilla should if at possible figure out what would be the most
accessible way to present the web page in question.

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> Hi Norman,
> As you surmise, it is not the browser's fault.  We've tracked down the bug
> the text field being marked as read-only (something I suspect our
> web page accessibility test tools didn't catch).  We're working on fixing
> in our web site now...
> A valid question is whether Mozilla should attempt to override such a
> statement when in caret navigation mode.  Thoughts?
> Peter Korn
> Sun Accessibility team
> Norman B. Robinson wrote:
> > I've had the same problem with the Sun JDK under Windows using JAWS for
> > Windows. I don't think it is the browser's fault.
> >
> > -Norman
> >
> > Tom and Esther Ward wrote:
> >
> >> Hello, listers.
> >> Last week I downloaded the source tarball for the Sun Mozilla
> >> accessibility
> >> build dated 10/14/2004, and compiled it on a fresh Fedora Core 2 system
> >> running gnopernicus 0.8.1 and Gnome 2.6.
> >> I am very glad to say those of you working on this build of mozilla are
> >> doing a good job with the carot browsing mode and accessibility in
> >> general.
> >> I was able to successfully navigate my own web site, switch around from
> >> frame to frame, fill out forms, and do a few downloads which means
> >> mozilla
> >> is now almost ready for some serious testing from the VI Linux
> >> The only major problem I had was when I attempted to download the Sun
> >> 1.5.0. Things were going fine until the license agreement on the Sun
> >> site popped up and for the life of me I could not get mozilla to find
> >> the I
> >> accept check box and the continue button to proceed to the download
> >> In fact it would not even read the license agreement at all. All it
> >> say was multiline text everyline I was on despite I could tell the
> >> carot was
> >> in the text of the license agreement.
> >> Over all, I think mozilla is coming along nicely. Access isn't
> >> perfect, but
> >> I can easily see once  a few problems are worked out like the Sun
> >> agreement page work without problems dropping Internet Explorer
> >> forever and
> >> attaching myself to the Gnome desktop for browsing. I like Mozilla that
> >> much, and I am very impressed.
> >>
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