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I could perform more testing; when I last experienced the 'bug' it was 8+ months ago while doing testing for USPS Section 508 reviews. I can tell you we did contact someone (name escapes me) at Sun responsible for accessibility to let them know about the error. I felt it was a generic problem to the Sun Java Installer - nothing to do with the browser, other than the browser needed the plug-in.

This test was performed while testing a web based Java application. I was interested in what happened to the end user in the event Java was not installed, how the user with a screen reader might have to respond. Would the user have to reboot after install? More importantly to us, was the need for an installation perceived as a defective Java application? If the user couldn't tell that they needed the Java plugin and the web browser was asking for input during an install, was that the user's responsibility or an accessibility issue? As an aside, we noticed many of the Java installer graphic elements were without label but the 'alt' tag (this is an application so doesn't fall under the web portion of Section 508, but you get the idea) or information conveyed was a 'graphic6453' or similar which wasn't accessible - it didn't convey the actual meaning of the images.

This testing was on Windows 2000. We have since migrated to Windows XP and have had an update to JAWS as well as updates to Java. Once I get a Mozilla version that I can test on I would be happy to share any results with you at your request.

And since it frequently goes without saying - thank you and your team for your efforts!



Peter Korn wrote:

Hi Norman,

As you surmise, it is not the browser's fault. We've tracked down the bug to the text field being marked as read-only (something I suspect our automated web page accessibility test tools didn't catch). We're working on fixing that in our web site now...

A valid question is whether Mozilla should attempt to override such a statement when in caret navigation mode. Thoughts?

Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

Norman B. Robinson wrote:

I've had the same problem with the Sun JDK under Windows using JAWS for Windows. I don't think it is the browser's fault.


Tom and Esther Ward wrote:

Hello, listers.
Last week I downloaded the source tarball for the Sun Mozilla accessibility
build dated 10/14/2004, and compiled it on a fresh Fedora Core 2 system
running gnopernicus 0.8.1 and Gnome 2.6.
I am very glad to say those of you working on this build of mozilla are
doing a good job with the carot browsing mode and accessibility in general.
I was able to successfully navigate my own web site, switch around from
frame to frame, fill out forms, and do a few downloads which means mozilla is now almost ready for some serious testing from the VI Linux comunity. The only major problem I had was when I attempted to download the Sun jdk 1.5.0. Things were going fine until the license agreement on the Sun web site popped up and for the life of me I could not get mozilla to find the I accept check box and the continue button to proceed to the download area. In fact it would not even read the license agreement at all. All it would say was multiline text everyline I was on despite I could tell the carot was
in the text of the license agreement.
Over all, I think mozilla is coming along nicely. Access isn't perfect, but I can easily see once a few problems are worked out like the Sun license agreement page work without problems dropping Internet Explorer forever and
attaching myself to the Gnome desktop for browsing. I like Mozilla that
much, and I am very impressed.

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