Re: Mozilla successes.

Hi Jonathan,

is there a Sun SVG build, or plans for one?

the standard SVG nightly builds are here: trunk/

I'm particularly concerned at the lack of keyboard support, but SVG and accessibility offer significant potential advantages.

SVG accessibility is something we're interested in (and I might add that Bill Haneman has some experience with SVG, having been involved in the Batik SVG client). However, at this time we simply have our hands full, and don't have the ability to pay much attention to it. I'm very hopeful that after our upcoming product releases we'll be able to be more involved in the SVG accessibility work that is already underway.

There is no Sun SVG build or immediate plans for one. And with luck, we'll be able to work on that (when we work on that) directly on trunk, and bypass the need to have a separate Sun build!


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team


Jonathan Chetwynd     "It's easy to use"
On 22 Nov 2004, at 20:02, Peter Korn wrote:

Hi Tom & Esther Ward,

I'm delighted to hear of your successes. Thank you for the report of problems with the Sun Java download page; we'll look into it.

We are working to integrate all of our bug fixes into Mozilla trunk, but that process is unfortunately a bit slower than we'd like. Meanwhile, I encourage you (and everyone else who is interested) to try the semi-weekly uploads of the Sun Mozilla builds, and share with us the results of your explorations. We are very keen to hear user experiences (and especially any bugs that you find).


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

Tom and Esther Ward wrote:

Hello, listers.
Last week I downloaded the source tarball for the Sun Mozilla accessibility
build dated 10/14/2004, and compiled it on a fresh Fedora Core 2 system
running gnopernicus 0.8.1 and Gnome 2.6.
I am very glad to say those of you working on this build of mozilla are
doing a good job with the carot browsing mode and accessibility in general.
I was able to successfully navigate my own web site, switch around from
frame to frame, fill out forms, and do a few downloads which means mozilla
is now almost ready for some serious testing from the VI Linux  comunity.
The only major problem I had was when I attempted to download the Sun jdk
1.5.0. Things were going fine until the license agreement on the Sun  web
site popped up and for the life of me I could not get mozilla to find the I accept check box and the continue button to proceed to the download area. In fact it would not even read the license agreement at all. All it would say was multiline text everyline I was on despite I could tell the carot was
in the text of the license agreement.
Over all, I think mozilla is coming along nicely. Access isn't perfect, but I can easily see once a few problems are worked out like the Sun license agreement page work without problems dropping Internet Explorer forever and
attaching myself to the Gnome desktop for browsing. I like Mozilla that
much, and I am very impressed.
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