Re: Mozilla successes.

Jason writes:
> It would be good if the developers could keep providing tar files
> containing the sources as they have now started to do. I still need to
> find time (perhaps over the summer) to play with Gnopernicus, at which
> point I hope to be able to download and test the latest Mozilla
> accessibility release. I run Debian, so rpm packages won't be of any
> help.

Hi, Jason.
Isn't it possible that Debian users could use alien or something like that
to convert rpms to Debian packages?
On the flip side rpm is itself open source and Debian users really wishing
to use rpms could build rpm and be on the same level as Suse, Fedora,
Mandrake Linux users that do use rpm as the primary package manager.
I know that mandrake uses rpm as it's main package manager, but has a
package for the Debian package manager as well so it is possible to use both
package managers at once.

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