Re: Mozilla successes.

On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 07:02:17AM EST, Peter Korn wrote:
> I'm delighted to hear of your successes.  Thank you for the report of 
> problems with the Sun Java download page; we'll look into it.

I will have to chekc this out myself. I like the sound of what you had 
to say Tom.

> We are working to integrate all of our bug fixes into Mozilla trunk, but 
> that process is unfortunately a bit slower than we'd like.  Meanwhile, I 
> encourage you (and everyone else who is interested) to try the semi-weekly 
> uploads of the Sun Mozilla builds, and share with us the results of your 
> explorations. We are very keen to hear user experiences (and especially any 
> bugs that you find).

A question. Why weren't these bugfixes pushed upstream from the 
very beginning? or if they were, why have they not gone in nearly as 


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