Re: glade-2

A GNOME program calls gnome_program_init and will check the GConf key /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility to dertermine whether accessibility is enabled and will load the required GTK modules. For such programs there is not need to set the environment variable GTK_MODULES.

Christopher Frauenberger wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 16:37, padraig o'briain wrote:
> > Is your program a GTK+ program or a GNOME program?
> I dont actually get the difference, what makes a GTK+ programm a GNOME
> program?
> I assume its pure GTK+ because it needs the GTK_MODULE environment
> variable ("gail:atk-bridge") to come up with the message "GTK .....".
> > If gnopernicus is working for other programs then the GTK module atk-bridge is being loaded for those programs. We need to confirm it is being loaded for your program.

If your program is working with at-poke could you send me a screenshot of what at-poke sees for your program. I am interested in seeing what role is assigned to the toplevel window.

> Mmmh, how could I? Isnt it sufficient that it shows the message when
> started in the shell? (And just with the GTK_MODULES variable set?)
> christopher
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