Re: glade-2


Have you tried using event-listener-test? See if there are focus events etc. as you move through your applications menus. I recommend using an xterm and this command line:

event-listener-test -m

(This will send event output to the terminal but suppress noisey mouse event reporting)


Christopher Frauenberger wrote:
On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 16:37, padraig o'briain wrote:

Is your program a GTK+ program or a GNOME program?

I dont actually get the difference, what makes a GTK+ programm a GNOME
I assume its pure GTK+ because it needs the GTK_MODULE environment
variable ("gail:atk-bridge") to come up with the message "GTK .....".

If gnopernicus is working for other programs then the GTK module atk-bridge is being loaded for those programs. We need to confirm it is being loaded for your program.

Mmmh, how could I? Isnt it sufficient that it shows the message when
started in the shell? (And just with the GTK_MODULES variable set?)


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