Re: glade-2

The message "GTK Accessibility Module initialized" means that the GAIL library was loaded.

Is your program a GTK+ program or a GNOME program?

If gnopernicus is working for other programs then the GTK module atk-bridge is being loaded for those programs. We need to confirm it is being loaded for your program.


Christopher Frauenberger wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 15:20, padraig o'briain wrote:
> > If your program works with at-poke and gnopernicus is working with other programs then I am mystified.
> So am I ;-)
> Is there any other bridge necessary? Does the message "GTK
> Accessibility Module initialized" prove that the GAIL library was
> loaded? Does Gnopernicus read the Menu-labels by default or does it need
> to get extra information assigned with the atk-methods (As far as I
> understood this is exactly was gail makes for standard gtk widgets...)?
> any de-mystification hints are highly appreciated
> Christopher
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