Re: Re: Is this a bug or am I just doing something rong

Luke said:, in reply to Darragh

| How stable are releases of gnopernicus from CVS or is it even released on

CVS?  Just curious,

Gnopernicus is in CVS, but from reading the devel list, there are a few changes either taking place or about to take place, so CVS may break if one were to download it and try and compile it. Can one of the developers confirm this?

I am not one of the gnopernicus maintainers but I'm in close touch with them.
We try not to break the build :-)  However feature regressions do happen
from time to time. Fortunately bug fixes happen even a little more frequently,
so CVS updates may have something to offer.

Since the gnopernicus ftp/tarball releases are still "pre production", i.e. not
guaranteed stable, they aren't necessarily more stable than CVS.  That
should change in the future as we approach "1.0", but for now it's still
under rapid development.

- Bill


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