Re: gnopernicus 0.7.11 on debian unstable.

Hi, Shaun.
There is alot of old and false information floating around the net and
mailing lists on starting gnopernicus, and I will point out some of these to
 First, off you should not start gnopernicus from your .xinitrc file. It
should be started through gnome itself. Gnome has an option for assistive
technology support which if you activate the screen reader checkbox in that
dialog gnopernicus can be made to start when gnome starts.
The sedcond proper way of launching gnopernicus is do alt+f2, get the run
dialog, and type gnopernicus, and press enter.
The first thing you should do when you have speech related issues is from
the shell run the test-speech program.  This will diagnose any issues in the
gnome-speech and see if it can contact festival and work properly with
Second issue once and a blue moon i have found a  couple of users for
whatever reason started gnopernicus and the sspeech support was turned off
in gnopernicus.
If you have a way of double checking that speech is activated that is my
first two suggestions.

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> it's an old version of gnopernicus I know but I'm not brave enough to
> install from source yet.
> my problem is I cannot get gnopernicus to talk at all.
> I've started it by way of .xinitrc and set it for speech only
> and I have festival for my tts
> I don't seem to see any errors if any,
> if anyone could help at this juncture I'd greatly appreciate it.
> I'd like to try gnopernicus out just to see how good or bad it really
> is.
> I've heard varying reports and I want to see as it were for myself.
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