Re: Why Can't I use BRLTTY With Gnopernicus

[quoted lines by John J. Boyer on 2003/09/23 at 12:31 -0500]

>Soimething in 
>either Gnopernicus or brltty has changed. So far it looks like brltty is 
>the more likely, because everytime I press a key on my braille keyboard, 
>except for a few, there is a message on the tty where I invoked startx 
>that says "Default: sending DKxxxx".

No, BRLTTY hasn't changed in any incompatible way like that. I think the time
has come for me to figure out how to get Gnopernicus running on my own system
so that I can investigate these problems directly, and, where necessary, submit
enhancements to the Gnopernicus code which supports BRLTTY. I'd sure appreciate
any quick hints from anyone who knows exactly what to do on a full and fully
updated RH9 system.

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