Re: Questions regarding AT-SPI and ATK

Olaf said, in reply to David Bolter:
> Yes, we are still looking for complete, detailed information on all
> ATK/AT-SPI events. Trolltech is planning to support ATK from Qt 4.0
> onwards, and they how the events are working in ATK/ST-SPI, but we found
> no documentation of which events exist in ATK/AT-SPI and how exactly
> they should be used.

This is a somewhat different question; "which events should be reported"
as opposed to "which events does a particular AT now use?".  There are
docs available, it sounds as though you just haven't found them yet :-)

The at-spi events are listed in the cspi documentation; for instance

(Note that you will need to build with --enable-gtk-doc, and need an
up-to-date version of gtkdoc on your build machine.)

[We need to get these docs published on; though they
are automatically generated, the developer site doesn't post them yet. 
Anyone want to volunteer to pester the website maintainers to do this?

This list should contain all the currently-defines event types which
at-spi reports, aside from "Device Events".  The currently implemented
device events are mostly keyboard events, and they are described in the
same html file.

Admittedly this documentation is incomplete since it does not explain
the semantics of these events, or when they should be generated; for
details about that, I suggest you ask the
gnome-accessibility-devel gnome org list.  It's time to fill this
documentation out somewhat; time has been the limiting factor so far.

As for ATK events, which are the ones which you as ATK providers will be
more interested in; it's best to familiarize yourself with GObject and
GSignal, then the ATK sources themselves (quite small, since the
implementation code is in libgail) are the definitive answer.  The ATK
docs _are_ supposed to be online at but the server's
documentation service is broken, you'll need to go to your own build,


The ATK signals are described in some detail, though of course docs can
always stand improvement.  These signals are the basis of the AT-SPI
events, so if you provide the listed GSignals in ATK, the AT-SPI "ATK
Bridge" will convert them into AT-SPI notifications for the AT clients.



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> Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 17:45:56 +0200 (CEST)
> Subject: Unable to compile gnopernicus 0.3.6
> From: "Anders Karlsson" <anders noddle net>
> To: <gnome-accessibility-list gnome org>
> Reply-To: anders noddle net
> Hi
> I'm trying to update my daughters computer, she has been using gnopernicus
> 0.3.4 + brltty for a while, but since i was updating her GNOME
> installation i also updated gnopernicus. Since she is living with her
> mother and not with me i have been using NyQuist rpms from
> The last time i upgraded her box i had to recompile gnopernicus (0.3.4)
> since those rpms not are compiled against brltty. But when i try to
> recompile 0.3.6 i get the following error:
> ../libbrl/.libs/ undefined reference to `brltty_brl_open_device'
> Any hints??
> Best regards
> Anders Karlsson
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