Unable to compile gnopernicus 0.3.6


I'm trying to update my daughters computer, she has been using gnopernicus
0.3.4 + brltty for a while, but since i was updating her GNOME
installation i also updated gnopernicus. Since she is living with her
mother and not with me i have been using NyQuist rpms from

The last time i upgraded her box i had to recompile gnopernicus (0.3.4)
since those rpms not are compiled against brltty. But when i try to
recompile 0.3.6 i get the following error:

../libbrl/.libs/libbrl.so: undefined reference to `brltty_brl_open_device'

Any hints??

Best regards

Anders Karlsson

Anders Karlsson <anders noddle net>
ICQ: 877896
MSN: skall3n msn com
Mobile: +46 708 573 558

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