Re: problem configuring X on redhat 9

Hi, Xconfigurator is gone, but it has actually changed names to
The RH setup tool also will launch the redhat-config for x, and you can do
it that way as well.

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> Nick,
> Don't know how much this is going to help, but I'll give it a go.  I had
> this same problem with an Nvidia card about 2 weeks ago after installing
> RH8.  Same DDCprobe error and all.  I solved this by going out to Nvidia
> downloading their latest driver for Linux.  I made sure that I was booted
> into the kernel I was using, and rebuilt the driver with
rpmbuild --rebuild.
>   I then had to edit the /etc/X11/XF86Config file (after backing it up) to
> change the native "nv" driver to "nvidia."  After I restarted "X" I then
> my gui.  Of course, this may be a problem for you.  As far as my
> goes, the S3 cards have never really had great support for Linux.
> Also, a friend tells me that you no longer have to use the "rpmbuild
> --rebuild" for the Nvidia driver (for RH9 that is).  I have been told that
> the new RPM they have for RH9 should do a rebuild for the current kernel
> use all on it's own.  All you have to do is rpm -e the current Nvidia
> and then rpm -ivh the same rpm file from the Nvidia website under the new
> kernel.
> Sorry if this doesn't help you out any.  And I believe you couldn't find
> binary for Xconfigurator because Redhat no longer provides it.  Why I
> know.  I was kind of upset when I tried to use it the first time on RH8.
> Seems to me the only alternative is to edit the XFree86 file by hand now.
> Anybody else out there feel free to jump in...
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