RE: 2.4 Proposed Modules - gok

By the way:

I don't think the screenshots at are up-to-date.  Before
commenting further I'd recommend trying GOK with a couple of different

Note that there is a known conflict between GOK and some GTK+ themes,
for instance Mist and GrandCanyon.  We're not sure why yet, it may be a
conflict with the engine used; in either case the GtkStyle colors GOK
adds aren't being honored by some themes' engines.

The only thing GOK customizes other than the GtkStyle colors is font,
which is only shrunken when absolutely necessary.  The only alternative
we can come up with for people who can't read the resulting labels would
be to make GOK self-voicing, for which there is an RFE.

It may be feasible to reduce the incidence of this problem by changing
the way GOK lays out its keyboards, but this would require major
re-engineering and would in any case not work for dynamically-generated
representations of the "physical" keyboard, which are where the problem
is most severe: for physical keyboards we can't just make the keycaps
wider to accommodate the key label, without losing the correspondance
with the physical keyboard.

- Bill

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