RE: 2.4 Proposed Modules - gok

> From: Bill Haneman [mailto:bill haneman sun com] 
> Actually GOK *does* use the GTK+ theme in all cases, but it 
> adds its own
> GtkStyles (by default) for its custom buttons.
> It _does_ have good reason to do this since these buttons need to be
> visually distinguishable as to their function, and there aren't
> enough/appropriate STATES in GTK+.

Is this just to distinguish different _types_ of keys? e.g. alphanumeric
keys and modifier keys? Is there a good reason why all keys must be some
shade of blue? 
> GOK is unusual in several ways, but it does need to be in 
> order to meet
> the specialized needs of its users. 

It would be interesting to hear more about this.

> I find that GOK is substantially
> less "nice" (and for that matter, less attractive IMO) if you make it
> use the GTK+ colors for its buttons.

If the "use GTK+ default theme/style" setting is really useless then maybe
it shouldn't be there.
> It uses the GTK+ font face but in some cases it must use a slightly
> smaller font for some button labels; that's simply a consequence of
> limited screen real estate for the "qwerty" keyboard.  The alternative
> would be either to split that keyboard up, or to make it 
> bigger than the
> screen, neither of which would be very nice for the user.

That sounds reasonable. Is there any solution for people who can't read the
tiny text?

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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