Re: Getting Gnome Accessibility in Garnome

<quote who="Bill Haneman">

> Up until now, the gok team has been reluctant to make any actual
> 'releases' (though GOK itself is working reasonably well).  However in
> recent conversations with Simon Bolter of the University of Toronto,
> co-maintainer of GOK, it sounded as though they could be persuaded to
> start making releases.

ObligatoryReleaseTeamComment: Making releases is a really good habit to get
into, 'release early, release often', etc. :-) If you've got code out in
wide use, you can prioritise your fixes more easily - 'real' feedback really

> The same goes for the gnopernicus team; Draghi, Adi, are you guys ready to
> start uploading tarballs (i.e. "make dist") to

Just a recommendation - it's worth making sure your module distchecks before
you make a release. Sometimes painful, but worth it in the end.

> As for the rest of the accessibility stack, it should be ready for GARNOME
> now as far as I know.  I would include the 'at-poke' module also, in the
> developer platform tarballs (not desktop), (at-poke was largely written by
> Michael M) since it's very useful as a testing and diagnostic tool for the
> developer platform.

Cool, I'll add at-poke.


- Jeff

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