Re: Getting Gnome Accessibility in Garnome

Hi Rod:

In order to get tarballs of gok and gnopernicus, the respective teams
have to agree.  Up until now, the gok team has been reluctant to make
any actual 'releases' (though GOK itself is working reasonably well). 
However in recent conversations with Simon Bolter of the University of
Toronto, co-maintainer of GOK, it sounded as though they could be
persuaded to start making releases.  I wouldn't feel comfortable
uploading tarballs without their consent however.  Simon, David?  We are
getting a lot of requests for GOK tarballs these days.

The same goes for the gnopernicus team; Draghi, Adi, are you guys ready
to start uploading tarballs (i.e. "make dist") to  It
would greatly simplify things for those who want early access to
gnopernicus, and for other GNOME developers and testers.  Let me know if
I can be of help.

As for the rest of the accessibility stack, it should be ready for
GARNOME now as far as I know.  I would include the 'at-poke' module
also, in the developer platform tarballs (not desktop), (at-poke was
largely written by Michael M) since it's very useful as a testing and
diagnostic tool for the developer platform.



On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 02:48, Rodd Clarkson wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to encourage Jeff from garnome to get packages related to
> a11y into garnome.
> I've an ulterior motive in that I'd like to show people gnome a11y
> features but haven't got the time to build everything from csv.  Garnome
> dramatically simplifies building gnome apps and it would be great to be
> able to have these apps included.
> Jeff seems more than willing.  Below is a recent conversation I've had
> with him on the garnome list:
>         > Any chance of having gnome accessibility software added to the
>         > list of applications supported under garnome.
>         > This would be very useful for testing purposes and it wouldn't
>         > need to be built by default.  In fact, you could add a
>         > meta-package to allow the a11y stuff to be built in.
>         Which modules do you want in particular? gnome-mag will be in
>         the next release, other stuff like gok and gnopernicus need
>         tarball releases (I've been trying to thump Bill H. hard enough
>         to make sure these go out for 2.3.0, but it doesn't look like it
>         will happen).
>         Absolutely happy to put these in... Let me know if there are
>         tarballs out there that I've missed or whatever.
> What can be done to satisfy Jeff's requirements so that gnome-a11y can
> be included as part of garnome?
> Jeff says he needs tarballs of the apps.
> Also, and I'm sure this list would have a better idea, what applications
> and modules should be included?  I'm specifically interested in showing
> people the on-screen keyboard and the screen-reader.
> It probably worth mentioning that while many people find it interesting
> that a11y is in Gnome, the difficulty in building it makes it extremely
> hard to get people to try it.  Having it included in garnome would
> simplify this dramatically.
> Rodd
Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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