RE: FreeTTS with Gnome-Speech Question

Hi Janina,

I have experienced Festival behaving exactly that way with redhat 8.0. and
an integrated ac97 sound card in an IBM Netvista. I suppose it is something
to do with the sound driver or the communication between festival and the

But your question kind of answers mine. I think I will try and install
Phoebe tomorrow with sighted assistance and then patch with speakup to get
running in text mode. Did you just get gnopernicus and compile streight away
with phoebe or did you also have to get other external packets as well?


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I'm tryhing to get Gnopernicus working again. The compiles appear to have
gone without a hitch using the latest Red Hat
betas, named Phoebe. And, Gnopernicus launches just fine.

My problem is that I get Mickey Mouse from Festival, which is the only
speech test-speech seems to be able to find.

I have tried both the Red Hat supplied Festival-1.4.2, and a compile of the
February release of Festival-1.4.3. Same
story, speech appears to come at 4-times speed (or even greater).

I get the same undesirable effect from ViaVoice 5.1, which I have only as
binaries, of course.

Strangely, Festival Lite, which I compiled afresh, as there's now a 1.2
release, works fine.

I have also obtained the j2sdk-1.4.1_02 from, and have compiled
FreeTTS from cvs today. FreeTTS talks
appropriately when I launch either the freetts (client) or frettsServer
scripts. However, test-speech doesn't seem to
see FreeTTS.

Am I starting them correctly? I cd to the directory containing these scripts
and issue ./[] as root. Should I
do this differently?

NOTE: If, instead, i run the jar script, I get:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

Can I use FreeTTS with gnome-speech? How should I start and test?

Thanks for any help.


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				Governmental Relations Group
				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

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