Re: installing OpenOffice


Le Mardi 8 Juillet 2003 19:19, Jane a écrit :
> Hi.  I downloaded OpenOffice 1.1 beta2 and I can't install it. 
> Whenever I try to run the setup program, I don't get any speech
> from Gnopernicus. I have "ORBIIOPIPv4=1" in my .orbitrc file and I
> have J2sdk 1.4.2 installed.  I have Java-access-bridge installed
> from CVS as of yesterday. What am I missing?

Notsure what your problem exactly is, but accessibility in OpenOffice 
needs java (for java-access-bridge) and java is only available AFTER 
you could tell which java to use (wich is during the setup).
So I think that you cannot have accessibility working during first 


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