Re: Are you looking for feedback?

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 19:11, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	Ok; you need to fetch / beg / borrow / build the following modules - on
> top of a stock Gnome 2.0 system [ you can get that from Ximian, or Sun,
> or Red Hat, or build from source completely ]:
> 	gail, at-spi, libgail-gnome, gnome-speech, at-poke, gnome-mag, gok,
> gnopernicus.
Okay, I've started installing these and I'm making notes as I go.

gail, libgail-gnome, at-spi and at-poke are all included in the Ximian
snapshots which I use.  Hooray - four down.

I've successfully installed gok and got it working.

Off to try and install gnome-mag.  Wish me luck.

> 	Oh, there are plenty of bugs to report :-) don't worry. One is likely
> to be, that gnopernicus won't build without gnome-mag HEAD which
> requires gtk+ HEAD - which no-one has ;-) - so, that needs reporting /
> fixing - you'll hit it when you get to gnopernicus in the build.

Initial things I noticed:

The fonts are a different to the default font used in GTK2.  I then
noticed the Theme selection option, so that's that.  I then noticed that
the colors disappear using the GTK+ Theme.  Any way of using the default
font, but not the theme?  Would it be safe to assume that the default
font is an okay size for the user?

The too make a selection, or activate a selection drop downs seem to
reset to Middle Mouse Button each time I open them.  For example, in
Access Method when using Direct Selection the 'To make a selection,
activate:' drop down says Left Mouse Button but the first time you click
it it changes to Middle Mouse button.  After that it works as expected. 
Same thing in Automatic Scanning for 'To start scanning' and 'To make a
selection, activate:'

Also, the 'Movement' drop down is blank, but when you click on
'Movement' is goes to Key Flashing and there's no blank option (there is
a none).

While were here, should 'To make a selection, activate:' just read 'To
make a selection'?

That's all for the moment.  Am I being too picky with these things at
this stage?  Should I be posting these reports in bugzilla?


Rodd Clarkson <rodd melbourneot com>

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